Eagles soar above the rest, protect the skies, and are always looking ahead - never behind. At Salusbury & Co., we move with the same speed, purpose, and discipline to help our partners successfully develop, brand, and market luxury real estate. We’re a boutique firm that’s able to be very nimble and provide a personal touch, but with the resources and relationships of a large firm.

We know today’s developers and architects alike demand strategies that balance cost and quality, while delivering the luxury lifestyle their clients deserve. Our development, branding, and marketing services help our partners reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality in sale and rental markets. That way our partners can make the right decisions in the right markets at the right time. 

PARTNERSHIP. We believe everyone who trusts us to bring their development to market deserves to be treated like a partner, not a number. Our deep expertise and meaningful relationships make us big enough to make an impact, but small enough to care. That’s why our founder works closely with every developer and architect who chooses Salusbury and Co. to meet their real estate needs.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD. With a more than fifty-year track record as a developer and broker in major cities globally, Salusbury and Co. delivers meaningful and measurable results. We’ve brought more than $12 billion in luxury real estate developments to market, which represents over 10,000 residences and approximately 13 million square feet of development. Our strategies are tested generators of significant revenue.

FEARLESS. Our work is much bigger than ourselves – it impacts entire communities, neighborhoods, and the very reaches of cities. That’s why we believe in continuous improvement and an outright rejection of complacency. We empower our partners to shape the world’s skylines and deliver the lifestyle their clients deserve.

FORWARD THINKING. We believe success in real estate requires building on our past, looking toward the future, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. That’s why in every project we undertake, we’re always looking for new ways to bring real estate to market more efficiently and effectively.