450 W 42nd Street - New York, New York

This towering residential achievement by The Related Companies in 2011 presented a unique challenge for Salusbury and her team. MiMA—an acronym Salusbury helped term meaning “Middle of Manhattan”—is located at the southern end of Times Square. Lacking any real neighborhood culture, Salusbury sought to transform the residential development into a destination and neighborhood unto itself.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Given the nickname “The Magical Island of Multiple Amenities” by The Real Deal, MiMA raised the bar for high-end amenities among the top players in Manhattan real estate. Identifying an opportunity to market to untapped demographics, Salusbury added one of the city’s first blow-out hair salons The Dry Bar and created famed doggy daycare Dog City.

Record-Breaking Results

The unparalleled 44,000 square foot amenities package coupled with Salusbury’s unit mix and apartment layouts gave birth to a property that felt fresh and new to the city. MiMA went on to lease at a record-breaking price point that exceeded market value and expectations.


456 Washington Street - New York, New York

Salubsury and her team immediately recognized the unique opportunities presented by the location of 456 Washington. Situated among family homes and large lofts in Tribeca, Salusbury created a marketing and design scheme that not only appealed to high-end clientele, but also attracted families.

Family-Friendly Design

The design of the building was sophisticated and industrial, with a robust amenity package that included an Equinox gym, car garage and action-packed kids room. The spacious interiors offered large commons areas and embraced the time-honored Tribeca aesthetic for entertaining as well as slumber parties.  

Six-Months to Total Occupancy

Salusbury and her team developed a unit mix with an array of layouts, including large 4- and 5-bedroom units that took advantage of the gorgeous views of the Hudson River and esplanade. These large units were the fastest rentals on the market, and leased out in six months.


500 W 30th Street - New York, New York

Abington House, located at 30th Street and 10th Avenue, was built across the street from New York’s largest construction site, Hudson Yards. The property had little significant infrastructure nearby, presenting a challenge for the developer. But Salusbury and her team looked south to the approaching High Line for inspiration and developed an iconic building that drew much-needed foot traffic.

Building with Soul

Salusbury and The Related Companies turned to iconic interior designer Clodagh to bring the outdoors in, pulling from the natural backsplash of the futuristic urban park. Through their collaboration, Abington House was imbued with an optimistic energy that flowed throughout the property and attracted the fast-rising class of young professionals. 

New-New York

Working with architect Robert Stern on the building’s exteriors, Salusbury reimagined Abington House with a nod to classic Manhattan warehouses and their lofty negative space, forming a residential hub that is both modern and timeless—and unmistakably new New York.


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